The Key To Unhappiness!  


Recent Work 

This is a work I’ve just completed. I’m excited about the direction it has taken. The language is evolving to integrate my abstract work from the past with the graphic forms that I have been using over the last 9 years. It’s interesting to see that while Indian  philosophy remains at it’s core, it’s symbols have been de-territorialised into a universal, contemporary language.

Waiting to explore new iterations within this!

Recent Work 

This is from my ongoing series of small format works in acrylics on paper. I’ve been enjoying the versatility of the medium and the play with disparate forms, picked from my image bank, developed over more than two decades. The layering is something I spend the most time on and it looks like it might move in another, more three dimensional direction. This is an exciting development. What do you think?

‘Who am I​?,’ Acrylic on paper, 2008

This is one of the very first works I did in the MokshaShots series. I had been doing abstracts before and wanted to explore a pop direction. This was done at the the School of Visual Arts in New York city, where I was doing a residency in painting and mixed media. It was as much fun as it looks! My recent works have been moving back towards this sort of imagery, I guess in a more refined way…it seems to have come full circle.

‘Pop Yantra 2′  Acrylic on Canvas, 2’x 2’

This is part of my new MokshaShots series which connects back to the pure abstraction I did more than 10 years ago. I have incorporated graphic icons from the more recent pop art I started doing around 2009. This is a visual language I have been working towards for the 21 years that I have been exhibiting. Am rather pleased with how it’s all shaping up 🙂 

Mind Map 24

‘MindMap 24’ is another work I did a few months ago…around the same time as the previous post. The technique is the same, though it makes an entirely different visual element in this work.

I was delighted by the texture I achieved in the orange motif. And it’s a new element in my work, though it seems cohesive with the visual language. What do you folks think?