My design for Mahindra Blues Festival 2018


Acrylic on paper size 8.4×11.75.

This work was done last year. Since the Brain and the Mind are different entities and the Mind is not so easy to represent visually, I created the black form here, to represent the mind. This is one of the first Pop Yantras I have done. This is the beginning of the story that evolved over the coming months…


‘Yantra 7’ Acrylic on canvas, 3’x2’ 

I’m particularly proud of this one! For a long time, I had been wanting to create what I call ‘Pop Yantras’. I think I can now say that I have fulfilled that intent and I am fully satisfied with how the visual language has shaped up. In this work, I have further expanded on the pop imagery (from some of the previous ones), keeping it in the contemporary context, yet locating it within the Indian tradition of spiritual imagery… Looking forward to seeing where it goes from here! 🙂

Mind Map 24

‘MindMap 24’ is another work I did a few months ago…around the same time as the previous post. The technique is the same, though it makes an entirely different visual element in this work.

I was delighted by the texture I achieved in the orange motif. And it’s a new element in my work, though it seems cohesive with the visual language. What do you folks think?