Recent Work 

This is from my ongoing series of small format works in acrylics on paper. I’ve been enjoying the versatility of the medium and the play with disparate forms, picked from my image bank, developed over more than two decades. The layering is something I spend the most time on and it looks like it might move in another, more three dimensional direction. This is an exciting development. What do you think?

‘Who am I​?,’ Acrylic on paper, 2008

This is one of the very first works I did in the MokshaShots series. I had been doing abstracts before and wanted to explore a pop direction. This was done at the the School of Visual Arts in New York city, where I was doing a residency in painting and mixed media. It was as much fun as it looks! My recent works have been moving back towards this sort of imagery, I guess in a more refined way…it seems to have come full circle.

The most fun you can have on the border!

Tried a different approach to the making of the pop artwork this time. The repetition of form is very much in the tradition of pop, but, I thought I’ll play around a little bit with the overlay of the abstract forms and the borders. I’ve never had so much fun with a border! It was good to remind myself that I didn’t have to repeat the same motif all over the place. Too much repetition is tedious – both on the artist and the viewer 🙂