Hey there and about this blog…

So in case I’ve missed some of you and in case some of you missed me, well, I’ll get back to the basics!

I’m an artist and I think that this blog is a great way to share my work without the confines and restrictions posed by the gallery system. I also like to share random thoughts on art, society, my inner ramblings etc. I think that a blog is a great way to dissolve geographical boundaries and I do not need to exhibit any work to have more people look at it.

That said, I like feedback from like-minded people so that I can think about and make positive changes to my work. I have noticed that in the past, when artist friends have made insightful comments or observations (even criticism, sometimes), thinking about what they have said has actually led to significant breakthroughs in my work.

Navigating the art world is always a huge challenge (as every artist knows) so help along the way is always useful.

I have a lot of plans and some products based on my work, which I’m always excited to share.

Since my work requires me to spend most of my time alone, I’m always happy to connect in the blog space. Anyone interested in art in general and especially in the pop art / contemporary art genre is welcome to connect. More specifically though, my current work falls into the pop surrealism genre and many have also included it in the urban art / street art genres, though I’ve never done a wall yet.


So go on, take a look, enjoy the work and get hooked, if you like!

The pleasure’s all mine.


Welcome to MokshaShots!