Ouch! This is a whole new ball game!!!

So I did Comic Con and put my stuff out into the world and all that, but now I have the unpleasant realisation that omg, I have to start thinking like an entrepreneur!!!  I have always thought of myself as an artist and my art products as an extension of my art, but now this is a whole new ball game, with new rules and new things to worry about. New types of stresses and new anxieties…not to mention how much I eat when I’m anxious!

Now I have to worry about selling the product, recovering my investment, raising money, fixing product bugs, promoting the products, understanding my customer base and finding ways to give them more and still survive the first few years! AAARGH!!! I wanted to retire at 45!!! Now I’m stuck. But then, I’d rather be overworked than underworked because when I’m underworked, I’m a different monster…a hypochondriac.

And I’m gaining new wisdom on how to manage my own mind and my health and continue up the hill without complaining!