Business Decisions!

Heya folks!

I know, I know…it’s been a while since my last post, but honestly, I’ve been rushing around like a frightened chicken! Firstly, there’s been too many comedy gigs (no, this is not a complaint!) and then the half done painting (got back on it today) and then the new art toy design (yeah it’s in progress) and then the decision to continue or shut down the art products business cause retail is a money guzzler! But wait, I still have some fabulous inventory and I can put it into my gallery shows and find stores that can sell it and I’ll have to pump in more money and blah and blah and blah!

Meanwhile I met this good looking guy who hasn’t called me back. Yeah, forgot to mention…need to get a personal life too, cause life really is too short!

So this afternoon, I did the math and decided that I would shut down the art products business cause even if I sell all the remaining inventory, I will never recover even half of my initial investment! And to be able to sell the remaining inventory, I’ll have to spend on transport costs and give the store a 30% to 40% commission on each product sold! That means putting in more money…grrr!

Then suddenly, I chanced upon Shopify all over again and am tempted to try it out again. I’ve tried it out before, but it hasn’t worked for me…people don’t seem to want to buy products they can’t see, touch or feel. Yet, Shopify boasts of many success stories. Now, some of my tech accessory products have a limited shelf life (they upgrade too damn fast for me to be able to keep pace!!!) so am thinking maybe I can sell those off quickly on Shopify…but then driving traffic to an online store is hard. Of the audience I already have, they don’t seem to want to buy anything online (they’ll buy it from a gallery!!!) So how the hell do I create a buyer base so quickly and if I spend so much time on this, what happens to my art? If I spend the same amount of time on painting I’ll make more work, get more shows and earn more, rather than make new products and try to create a new buyer base for them! Sigh! Didn’t mean for this to be a rant, but…

So this afternoon, I decided to sell off remaining inventory, book my losses and focus on painting and comedy. Until I was tempted by Shopify again…

Psst, here are some pics of the art toy design in progress…will be a pity if I have to shut down this shop!!!

MokshaBuy ModelMokshaBuy Headgear Hair sideMokshaBuy Headgear Hair Side2MokshaBuy Model DrawingModel Drawing Right SideModel Drawing Left Side


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