Super Stoked about Ezebee!

Hi folks, Writing again real soon this time…cos I’m super stoked about this new online market place I’ve just discovered for my products…its called Ezebee.     dome Ezebee is a European startup.They’re real supportive to small new businesses, especially creatives. You can sell directly worldwide. And the best part is, you can add an unlimited number of products all for free. Haven’t seen anyone else allow that yet! They make their money off people who have the millions to spend- advertisers. They don’t chase dreamy creatives for it, like everyone else does! 😉 They have this clean, cool aesthetic, which makes the site easy to use. If you get stuck, they’re quick and happy to help. And, most importantly, even the pages that do have ads don’t seem cluttered at Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 8.44.28 pmall. The page is so neatly designed that it doesn’t interfere with your browsing experience- a feat in today’s times! After putting up my showroom, I spent some time browsing the other Screen Shot 2015-07-15 at 8.45.08 pmshowrooms. I found some very unique and artistic products that I have my eyes on! Their creators come across as a committed, socially conscious lot. And yes, Ezebee lets you buy products with their own currency- EZB’s. This means you don’t have to pay in money or transaction fees. And it’s easy to swap with other creators. I discovered another feature that the travel bug in me found particularly interesting…they have a page for all the countries that their sellers are located in and you can discover the products via their respective countries.done I found great stuff from Africa, Brazil and Poland. I think I’m in good company! More happy discoveries on the way!

And here’s a link for those of you who wanna hop on www.ezebee.comthankyou-2 googleplus


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