6 ways to a slower mind

The world is crazy.

Yes, its true! Most days everything seems to be spinning by, while our mind still seems on its treadmill, huffing and puffing, trying to cope with the pace and getting no further.

But, taking a few minutes to just step back and think is important, because no matter how many times that same anxious thought circles inside your mind, it’s still that same thought and doesn’t let you move on. It stops you from doing justice to the task at hand and also from finding relief from whatever it is that is making you anxious.

Mind you, if you try to seek professional help (as they want you to do, because everyone wants to sell their wares), they will diagnose you with something. Heck, they’ve come up with a name for every state of mind, just so that they can offer to fix it for you! And a few years down the line, ‘research’ will show that that was normal and the everyone is suffering it due to social, political and economic turmoil and then they’ll try and sell you a new diagnosis, with a trendy new solution for it too!

The truth is that you don’t need to be a genius to figure out that just 20 quiet, focussed minutes at the start of your day can fix a lot of things. Writing down what is on your mind and thinking up practical, actionable steps to solve it or move towards a solution is simple enough.


There are some benefits of consciously slowing down your mind.

  • A relaxed mind is a productive one.
  • A calm mind can generate solutions without interference from stressful thoughts and emotions
  • A slower mind is a fuller experience of your Now, your day and ultimately your life.
  • A slower mind is alert and aware and this ensures making sound decisions.
  • A slower mind is focussed on experience, not anticipation

So how does one slow the mind down?

Yoga and meditation are time tested solutions easily available to everyone. They need a commitment and dedicated practice to experience long term benefits.

However, here are some ideas on simple things you can do, that can immediately change your state of mind.

1. Change your environment

If you’re in an office, step out of the room or building for 10 minutes or so. You will see, hear, feel differently and be calmer when you return.

2. Surprise an old friend or family member with a call or message.

It will make the person happy and it will make you smile!

3. Read jokes, watch a funny video!

Someone out there is always making fun of your oh-so-serious situation, no matter how serious it is!

4. Connect with nature

Go to a park, a beach or just sit under a tree. Connecting with nature once a day is invigorating.

5. Get Inspired

Read a poem, listen to music, go look at some art or read about it. This can put you in a positive frame of mind and give you perspective- help you see the bigger picture!

6. And lastly, check your credit card bill or phone bill. You WILL find a mistake. Call them, yell at them. Some companies make so many overcharges, they’re used to customers yelling at them. And you will get the stress out of your system!

Hope you found your MokshaShot today!


7 thoughts on “6 ways to a slower mind

  1. It often sounds so easy, to just calm down and breathe but oftentimes the mind just does whatever it wants. I love the thought of writing down your thoughts, to do sports for 20-30 min or to go for a walk outside when it isn’t raining. Sometimes doing nothing can be great too. To just sit on the couch for 5 min. Great list, and very useful advice.

    We’ve currently got a Life Hacks contest going on at Creators.co (with a great prize!) and I think this might be a fantastic entry for it. Be sure to check it out if that sounds interesting to you. I’d also be more than happy to give you some further information regarding the platform. Would love to hear from you.


    1. Thank you for your kind words 🙂

      I did have a look at your blog…it’s interesting!
      However, I was unable to access the contest link. I don’t mind entering a contest, provided there’s no entrance fee.
      Please send me info if indeed it is free.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Hi Jenny, thanks for checking out my blog. The contest is taking place on Creators.co. Completely free (otherwise it wouldn’t be a contest, at least in my opinion). Would love to send you an e-mail but couldn’t find a contact form. Would you find sharing it with me? For more info regarding the contest, check out: https://creators.co/@creators/4220162


    2. Hi again!
      I replied to you in a hurry last night as I had a lot to take care of. I just got onto your blog again and I think it’s a great platform.
      I read an article about controlling your thoughts, which I really liked. I was thinking about posting my articles on your blog as a creator and went onto the FAQs. I saw a lot of negative comments from other creators :(. This is making me think again. Also, the FAQs says that the blog has millions of followers, but the blog does not display the number of followers it has. Will appreciate it if you can shed some light on all this. 🙂


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