I spent all afternoon watching painters’ interviews on Youtube. They’d been talking about their processes and sometime after the video was over, I went out for a walk. It suddenly occurred to me that this is exactly the same as all the stuff that books about the mind tell you…whether its philosophy or physics or religion- the mind does exactly as you tell it to. It’s only as simple as that.

I’m on my second read of ‘The Power of Your Subconscious Mind’ by Dr. Joseph Heller. I am even convinced that what he says is true, but somehow, ‘belief’ still eluded me.

Then after hearing these artists, it came to me in a flash…its easiest to believe experience.

I have been trying the techniques mentioned in the book, but somehow haven’t gotten around to believing it a hundred percent because I have not yet experienced it as being true. However, what I have experienced, is the process of creating art. And at such times, I have experienced that if I tell my mind to create images within certain parameters, it does. So logically, this is easily extendable to other areas of my life.

The process the book outlines is fairly simple- you relax the mind until it is in a sleepy or drowsy state and then introduce a suggestion or statement of the desired outcome. Do this repeatedly for a couple of weeks or so until you achieve the desired result. I plan to try this again tonight. This time with full conviction, because this is exactly what I do when painting. This time,  I’m expecting to see results.

I was also thinking about resonance – why do certain artworks or blogs resonate with a large population, sometimes over decades, while others just don’t? It is because the author has found his or her truth and that is what people resonate with. A personal truth is also always a universal one. Hence, it requires no effort to make it ‘viral’. It does require effort to arrive at it though, and that could take years. Again, the trick is to loosen and relax the mind. Then it sails right in!

Unplugged Mind 2_LR


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