Back to regular posting!

Hi folks, I had to take a break due to the super exhausting aftermath of my solo show. I had been feeling burnt out and wanted to take the time to look after my body and mind, so I have gotten back to an exercise and meditation schedule and try not to work too many hours. This is difficult for me, as I am so used to creating non stop and often at a frenzied pace! I am at last, learning to relax!

In the meantime, I also spent time researching blogging, considering whether I should redesign and reinvent this blog or start a new one. I have decided to stick with this one for now and maybe change the name to incorporate more content.

So thanks for hanging in there!!

And here’s today’s piece…

‘Urban Zen’ Acrylic on paper, 2016.
This is the first work where the black form as a symbol for the ‘Mind’ appears as a whole. This is also where my extensive use of digital graphics began…#art #painting #contemporarypainting #popsurrealism

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