Thank you for your faith in me

Dear Reader, Supporter

I have not posted here for almost a year. Thank you for hanging in there despite this. Thank you for your faith in me.

After my show last December, I had to recoup my health for a couple of months. The overwork and sleep deprivation had caused a few problems which I have now been able to reverse, thankfully.

I then made new plans, started new projects, spent a lot of time researching new ideas and a bit of time thinking about myself and my life. Some plans fell through (one of them being to hire an assistant to help me update this blog 🙂 ). And through all of this, I have NOT LOST A SINGLE FOLLOWER!!! IN fact, I gained one… and I’m super grateful!

I promise to get back on a regular schedule once all systems are set up and running smoothly…I honestly don’t know when that will be, but either ways, I’ll keep you posted!

Thank you once again and do write in once in a while!




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