‘Pop Yantra 2′  Acrylic on Canvas, 2’x 2’

This is part of my new MokshaShots series which connects back to the pure abstraction I did more than 10 years ago. I have incorporated graphic icons from the more recent pop art I started doing around 2009. This is a visual language I have been working towards for the 21 years that I have been exhibiting. Am rather pleased with how it’s all shaping up 🙂 


Mind Map 24

‘MindMap 24’ is another work I did a few months ago…around the same time as the previous post. The technique is the same, though it makes an entirely different visual element in this work.

I was delighted by the texture I achieved in the orange motif. And it’s a new element in my work, though it seems cohesive with the visual language. What do you folks think?